Purchasing insurance for your business is of the utmost important, mostly because it can protect you and your company from a wide range of issues. Listed below are just a few of the many types of commercial insurance policies that you should consider.

Interrupted Business

One of the worst things that can happen to your business is to run into a situation where you will have to close your doors for a few days, weeks, or months while you are making repairs due to a disaster. In that situation, you could easily end up bankrupt and potentially have to close your doors completely as you will not have any money coming in. 

An easy way to avoid this situation is to purchase interrupted business coverage that will reimburse you for lost business while repairs or ongoing. For example, if your store were to be burnt to the ground, your insurance company can provide you with that lost income, or a portion of it until you can rebuild and reopen your doors. 


Another important type of commercial insurance to consider is glass coverage. Glass coverage is designed to cover you if anything should happen to your large windows or glass doors.

This is very important as a storm, vandal, or burglar can easily smash your window and leave you with a relatively large bill due to the sheer size of most storefront display windows. With this type of coverage, you will not have to worry about being stuck with a massive repair bill for a new storefront window as the insurance company will pay for the replacement in most situations.


Finally, you will want to consider purchasing machinery coverage as this will protect you if any of your machinery causes an issue that causes damage to itself or your property. For example, if a boiler were to fail and cause your business to flood, this coverage will not only pay to replace the boiler itself but also pay to repair any damage to other machinery or the structure itself.

This is also really useful in the event that your store is subjected to a fire. For example, if your place of business has a fire that destroys all of your computer equipment, this coverage will replace that computer equipment.

Contact your local commercial insurance agent (like those at Matlack & Company) in order to discuss the many different types of coverage available to you. Machinery, glass, and interrupted business insurance can help maximise your company's protection in the event of everything from a natural disaster to looting or vandalism.