Summer is a great time of year to get out your auto insurance policy and see what type of coverage you are actually paying for. Here are two extras that you may want to add to your insurance plan that will help give you the level of coverage that you need.

#1 Roadside Assistance

If you don't have roadside assistance already, you should seriously consider adding it to your plan. Generally, over the course of a six-month premium, roadside assistance will only cost you a few dollars a months or pennies a day. It is worth having for when you need it.

Roadside assistance can come in many different forms. If your vehicle breaks down, it can provide you with a tow to the nearest auto body shop or your auto body shop. If your vehicle's battery dies down, it can provide you with a jump start. If you lock yourself out of your vehicle, a locksmith will be sent to get you back inside of your car. If you run out of gas, someone can be sent with gas to assist you.

The best part about roadside assistance is that it can be used on any vehicle that you are riding in, not just the ones listed on your policy. So if you break down while with your best friend, you can use your roadside assistance to get both of you out of a jam.

#2 Rental Car Coverage

If you ever get into an accident, you are going to appreciate having this coverage on your policy. Once again, this coverage is very affordable and will not increase your premium that much. What it does is provide you with funds for rental car coverage if you are in an accident. Most insurance policies are set up to either provide you with a set allowance for a rental car following an accident, which gives you the freedom to decide what size vehicle you want. Other policies will provide coverage for a set amount of days, such as thirty.

If your car needs to get auto body repair done to it, it is not a fast process. If your vehicle is totaled, you are going to want to be able to spend time properly shopping for a new vehicle. Rental car coverage will ensure that you are not paying more out of your pocket than you need to following an accident and will ensure that you have a vehicle to drive.

These two extras are very cost effective and far out weight the cost of paying for them if you ever need to use these coverage features. For more information, talk to a professional like Wolf Insurance Agency.