Several auto insurance companies now offer safe driving rewards. You have to remain either accident-free or claim-free for "x" number of months or a complete year to get the rewards. Yet, it begs the question; are the rewards worth it? Let's take a look.

Staying Accident-Free for Three or Four Months 

Honestly, this is totally doable. Unless you are a high-risk driver who goes out drinking and clubbing every weekend, it should be quite easy for you to remain accident-free for three or four months. The insurance companies that offer quarterly rewards make it easy for consumers to reach this goal because it actually encourages consumers to reach for that goal and reward tier. This is especially beneficial to younger or newer drivers, who, because of their lack of driving experience, may be more prone to inattentive driving accidents.

Staying Accident- or Claim-Free for Six Months

This is still a feasible driving goal, but probably one that is only attainable by more experienced drivers. The rewards, such as a "safe driving check" or a deep discount on your monthly premiums, are worth the wait. The check or discount generally equals anywhere from five to thirty-five dollars off each month that you remain claim- and/or accident-free.

The Annual Reward

The annual reward for claim- or accident-free status is a long shot. There are too many factors that are out of your control for this type of reward, regardless of your age and driving experience. It really only benefits those who drive less, carpool more, and/or take a lot of public transportation. It also benefits those who live in rural areas where they are less likely to hit anything with their vehicles or have their vehicles vandalized. If you actually fit into any of those categories of drivers, then maybe the annual safe driving award offered by your auto insurance company would be worth it.

View Your Auto Insurance Choices Carefully

Sometimes the cost of these rewards is that you pay more for your monthly premiums or you pay more into your deductible. That is how some companies are able to give you hundreds of dollars back in rewards when you do not get into an accident or file a claim for damages. Be sure to compare insurance quotes with and without their rewards program so that you can see the differences and decide for yourself if you want the rewards badly enough.