You can buy auto insurance via three main sources. First, you can deal with a captive insurance agent who only deals with a single insurance company. Secondly, you can buy coverage from online services. Lastly, you can buy coverage through an independent insurance agent. Below are some of the reasons to use an independent agent.

Unbiased Advice

An independent agent will give you unbiased advice since they work for you and not the insurance carrier. Remember that a good insurance comparison is not just about rates. You should also compare other things, such as discounts and quality of customer service. An independent agent will give you unbiased advice on all these areas.


An in-depth comparison of auto insurance offers takes time. If you don't have an independent insurance agent, you either have to spend a lot of time online or talk to multiple captive agents. An independent agent can do all that legwork for you and give you the results.

Long-term Relationship

Since an independent agent works with multiple carriers, you don't have to leave your agent when you change insurance companies. In fact, the agent can help you handle the switch better than you would on your own. Find a good agent and stick to them as long as possible.

Ease of Bundling

Most independent agents don't work in a single line of insurance. An independent agent can handle auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance, and many others. That means that you can buy all your lines of insurance through the same person. In fact, the agent can even help you bundle your policies with one carrier and enjoy a multi-insurance discount.

Proactive Service

An independent agent has your best interest at heart. That means the agent won't just wait for you to approach them — they will approach you if there is a need. For example, the agent will inform you if there is a new service or if you qualify for a discount. Remember that the agent also benefits if you maintain your relationship with them.

Claim Assistance

Lastly, your independent agent will also help you file and process claims. The agent works for you, so they must do everything possible to help you maximize your claim.

As you can see, you benefit a lot when you choose to deal with an independent insurance agent. The above benefits are just a few examples — there are many more. Hopefully, you will get a good agent who will get you good rates for your car insurance.