As a commercial truck driver, you are expected to drive safely on your routes each day. However, circumstances beyond your control can cause you to be involved in an accident. At that point, you need to rely on your insurance to protect you.

Before you purchase a policy for your vehicle, you need to learn what safeguards are included in it. These circumstances are some from which your commercial truck insurance should protect you.

Property Damage

If you damage property with your truck during an accident, you should be able to use your commercial truck insurance to compensate the property owners for any damage that occurred. Your policy should allow a claim for damages inflicted to buildings, other motor vehicles, traffic signs, and light poles, among other properties. 

After the owners of the property remit the bill for their losses to you, you should be able to file a claim against your own policy to cover those expenses. Alternatively, you can provide the property owners with your insurance policy information and allow them to make a claim against it on their own.


Your commercial truck insurance policy should also include medical coverage that pays out if or when you cause an injury to someone else or yourself during an accident. If the victim of a truck accident tries to bill their own health insurance, their claim will be rejected. The health insurer will insist that the truck's insurance policy cover the victim's medical expenses.

With that, you need to ensure that your policy offers ample medical coverage. You will need to use it if you become injured in an accident that you cause or if you cause injury to someone else with your truck.

Loss of Life

Finally, your commercial truck insurance can provide compensation if your accident causes the loss of life. The victim's survivors have the right to file a claim against your insurer to recoup punitive damages. Your insurance policy may also be held accountable for covering the victim's final expenses, such as his or her funeral and grave marker.

These safeguards are some to expect to be included with your commercial truck insurance. You should select the coverage that pays for damages to property. Your policy should also provide compensation if you injure yourself or someone else with your commercial vehicle. Finally, when you take out a commercial truck insurance policy, you need to ensure that it offers loss of life coverage.