If you plan to operate a vehicle, auto insurance is a must. State laws mandate that all drivers have a certain level of insurance protection. However, just because you do not have any say-so over whether or not you have coverage, it does not mean that you do not have any say-so over how much you pay for coverage. It is possible to stay insured while still securing cheap auto insurance. Here's how. 

1. Be a Good Driver

Commit to being a good driver. Insurance companies, in part, base premium rates on the risk associated with the insured drivers' habits. Therefore, a person with a history of speeding and other moving violations will likely be deemed a greater risk than someone with a clean record. Since the greater the risk, the higher the cost, if you aim to be a defensive driver who follows the law and stays safe, you have a better chance at keeping your policy premium lower. 

2. Be Credit Conscious

Ensure you keep your finances in check as well. Many insurance companies will run a soft credit check as part of the policy application process. During this check, the company will analyze your credit score and payment history to assess your creditworthiness. Typically, individuals with poor credit health pay more. So, you should try to be a good steward over your credit to score the best deal. 

3. Be Informed of Your Needs

Think of auto insurance in the same way you would a buffet, in that you can add only what you want to your plate. The state will mandate a minimum amount of coverage, but beyond this, you have the power to control what else you include. For example, if you can afford a higher deductible in return for a lower premium or if you have a second vehicle and do not need rental reimbursement coverage, you do not have to include them so that you can save money. 

4. Be Committed to Coverage 

Lastly, ensure you are committed to maintaining auto insurance. When a driver allows their policy to lapse, they are not only in violation of the law. A driver who has not maintained coverage will have a higher risk rating, may be required to pay re-installment fees, and may still have a balance from unpaid dues on their last policy. All of these scenarios ultimately drive up the cost of coverage.

Remember, you do not have to overpay; you can find cheap auto insurance. Apply these tips so that you can work towards this goal.