When your driving infractions have resulted in restrictions on your car and license, you may be compelled to prove that you can be trusted to drive safely on local roads. In fact, the municipal court may require you to submit regular documentation from your insurer that you are insured and capable of paying for any damages that you might cause while driving.

This documentation typically comes in the form of an SR22 certificate that your insurer must provide to the court each month. You can be sure that the court gets this documentation by insuring your vehicle with a reliable SR22 insurance provider.

Timely Documentation

The validity of your driver's license may rely on how quickly and reliably that the municipal court gets this document from your insurer each month. Some courts might require that the SR22 certificate be received within the first week of the month. If it fails to get that certificate, the court might suspend your license and driving privileges.

This revocation of your license and privileges can lead to you being ticketed, fined, and possibly arrested if you are pulled over for speeding or other traffic infractions. Rather than risk being arrested or worse because the court did not get the needed certificate from your insurer, you can take out SR22 insurance from a company that can fax or email it to the court before the monthly required court deadline.

Proof of Trustworthiness

Another reason to get SR22 insurance from a reputable insurer involves proving to the court that you can be trusted. In fact, you bear the burden of proving to the court and judge that you can be trusted to be a safe driver again. You must show that you are using this opportunity to learn from your mistakes and avoid them in the future.

When you get SR22 insurance, you can prove that you are taking the court's order to provide proof of your coverage seriously. You also show that you accept the financial and legal burden that this type of coverage entails and can readily provide it to the court, despite it costing more and putting a blemish on your driving record.

SR22 insurance is important for you to be able to keep your driving privileges. You need to get it from an insurer that can provide it to the court each month. It also demonstrates your effort to prove your trustworthiness. Contact companies like Clover Insurance to learn more.