When you are involved in a car accident, it is important to know what to do next. The actions you take following your accident are important. Knowing what to do beforehand will help you respond better if you find yourself in this stressful situation.  

Check on Yourself & Your Passengers 

The first thing you should do after you are involved in a car accident is to check on your physical condition and the physical condition of your passengers. If any of you have apparent injuries, you will want to inform 9-1-1 when you call them that an ambulance needs to be sent to the crash site. 

You also need to ensure that you are safe where you are at. Sometimes, it is safe to stay in your vehicle in an accident situation. However, if you feel that your car is not that visible and is at risk of getting hit again, you will want to get out of your vehicle and move somewhere safe. 

Always Call the Police 

Even if you don't need an ambulance, you should always call the police to report the accident. If there is no debris on the road and no one is hurt, you can call the non-emergency line. If any of the vehicles involved are blocking traffic, you will want to call 9-1-1. The police can help direct traffic around the crash site and all motorists in the road and on the area safe.  

It is essential to make a statement with the police and get a report number. This is information that you will want to share with your insurance company. Calling the police also ensures that you don't face a ticket for leaving the scene of an accident.  

Swap Information 

If other drivers were involved in the accident, approach them. Find out if they need medical attention. Then, swap information with them. Provide them with your insurance information and get their name and address. Be sure to get information on what type of vehicle they are driving. Most of this can be obtained by taking a picture of their insurance ID card with your phone.  

If they do not give you their information, they will have to give it to the police, which is another reason which is another reason why it is essential to call the police to an accident scene. Do not admit any guilt or responsibility for the accident.

Take Pictures 

If you have your smartphone on, be sure to take some pictures at the scene. Take photos of the condition of your vehicle and all other vehicles involved in the accident, where the accident took place, and any road signs or signal lights. Photos of the environment can be helpful if the case gets complicated. 

Contact Your Insurance Company 

Next, contact your insurance company. They can assist you with dealing with the accident. They can send out a tow truck for your vehicle and take it to an auto body shop or somewhere safe. They can help you get a rental car. Most importantly, you can get the claim process started by contacting them.  

When you first call your insurance company, you don't have to share all the accident details. Just let them know where it took place and any information you got from the other drivers. Then, when you are mentally and emotionally ready, call back and give them more details. It can take a while for the adrenaline from being in an accident to wear off, and that is when you should talk to your insurance provider.  

Your insurance provider will help you ensure that you get all the benefits you are entitled to, from getting your vehicle towed to paying for a rental car to fix the damage to your vehicle. They will help you work through what happens to your vehicle after being cleared from the scene.  

For more information regarding auto insurance coverage, reach out to a car insurance company.