If you want to reduce and save money on your auto insurance premium, there are a few sure-fire things that you can do that will help keep those costs low.

Carry the Minimum Insurance

With car insurance, you really get what you pay for. If you don't want to pay a lot for your auto insurance, you should consider dropping your auto insurance down to the minimum amount of coverage that you are legally required to carry by law.

Just keep in mind that if you drop your coverage down to the minimum you are required to carry by law and you damage your vehicle in an accident, you are going to be the one left responsible for fixing up or replacing your car. Really consider what coverage you really need and what it means to drop down to the minimum required coverage.

Increase Your Deductible

Another method for saving on car insurance is to increase your deductible. If you only have to pay $100 for your deductible, you are going to pay when it comes to your insurance rates. You don't have to go for a $1,000 deductible either; however, you should go for a happy medium that you can afford when choosing your deductible amount, and you will notice a drop in your premium.

Pay by the Mile

If you are not a big driver, there is no reason to be paying for insurance like someone who is commuting 100 miles every day. If you think it's a lot when you fill up your gas tank even twice a month, you may want to investigate an insurance policy where you pay by the mile. This can really reduce the rates you pay for your car insurance, especially if you don't drive that much. Keep in mind that paying by the mile is not an option in every state; you'll have to check and see if it is an option in your state.

Compare Rates Every Six Months

When it is time to renew your auto insurance coverage, don't just continue with the same provider. Take a half-hour to shop around and see if another provider will give you a better rate. The truth is that although most insurance companies consider the same criteria to determine premium coverage, the weight they give to different factors varies, and the premium rate you are offered elsewhere could be drastically different from the premium you have right now.

If you want to lower your car insurance, reduce the amount of coverage you carry, increase your deductible, see if you can pay by the mile, and always shop around and compare rates twice a year. These are sure-fire ways to reduce your premium.

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