Getting your teenager insured can be really expensive. You can do certain things that can help to drop those insurance rates and make your child a safer driver at the same time. 

1. Remedial Classes

One thing that you can do is to sign up your teenager for a juvenile remedial course. These classes can act as a reminder for your teenager about things that they may have forgotten or missed from their driver's education courses. You can send your teenager to one of these classes, and they can get the information they need. Better yet, you can probably take one of these classes with them and make sure that you are familiar with all the newest rules of the road. These remedial classes are generally fairly basic, maybe expanding a little on the things that they would've learned in driver's ed, but other, more comprehensive classes exist. 

2. Defensive Driver's Courses

Another option for classes is defensive driving courses. These courses are designed to make you a better driver. They build on existing skills and teach new ones. Among other things, the classes will teach you or your teen how to be more aware of the other drivers around them. That will allow you and your teen to be more proactive about what might happen on the road. For example, your teen may learn how to figure out some patterns that the other drivers are falling into. Those patterns will let your teen do things like give themselves more room around themselves as well as techniques on how to handle anything those drivers might do. That can help to keep your child from having an accident. Defensive driver's courses tend to make insurance companies really happy and generally help to drop your insurance rates. Again, these are classes that you can take with your teenager. No matter how experienced a driver any person may be, it's always possible to sharpen skills and catch up on any new changes or techniques. 

If you aren't sure where you can find remedial classes or defensive driver's classes, you can talk to your insurance agent or insurance company. They should have a list of classes in your area that you can take or a list of places that tend to offer those classes. Taking these classes can help to drop the insurance premiums that you are paying for your teenager's car insurance and make them a safer driver.